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ORIZONT RECRUITING is a professional career counseling, job search, selection and support outplacement agency operating within the European Union and specifically within Romania, where it has its main offices and personnel.

Certified to offer employment services, ORIZONT RECRUITING is an operating partner for companies that need to delegate their employment recruiting and selection processes to a team of experts and professionals whose objective is to plan systematically the search for qualified professionals that match the organizational needs of any type of company.


is not just a slogan but a systematic approach to the process of selection and recruiting of Human Resources.

And ORIZONT RECRUITING does this with passion and commitment, matching the needs of businesses with those of professionals by accessing an always updated job market database and a list of fully referenced workers with a variety of backgrounds, including highly qualified ones.

Our Challenge

Management of outsourced HR has emerged in recent years as an important activity in business processes so as to become a key variable to achieve a competitive edge. An ongoing challenge that requires contractors to understand and adapt to complex evolutionary dynamics of a market always more globalized and subject to constant change.

"The challenges are the main driver for any firm wishing to establish itself as a key player"

In modern society, the challenges are the main driver for any company wishing to establish itself as a key player in the market with its own identity and its own space because:
  • It is a challenge to consolidate its positions, renew its services adapting them to the needs of all stakeholders
  • It is a challenge to satisfy its clients from the a continuous improvement perspective
  • It is a challenge to optimize the costs related to the quality of services so that they are not only provided at the most competitive cost but also prove sufficiently remunerative for the company.


It is our distinctive feature and the same can be said for the respect and attention towards our clients and towards human resources, which is an essential value for the success of any company.

Challenges help us to focus on objectives, a sort of FOCAL POINT on which concentrate all our energy and our attention.


The advantage of using ORIZONT RECRUITING consists in being able to obtain a list of candidates for which a first screening has already been made based on the correspondence between the profiles and the requested characteristics. This way, the client optimizes the search process, which is delegated to professionals, avoiding lost resources, making it possible for qualified personnel to be inserted into the company quickly and in an organic manner, and commensurate with their skills.

ORIZONT RECRUITING does not replace the client in regards the decision-making aspect and does not intervene in the contents but brings dynamism, flexibility, lower costs, and time reductions, and improves the services and the image of a company whose human resources are the real competitive benefit.

The choice of personnel is as important as the organization of the same.
ORIZONT RECRUITING, with its experience and professionalism, always works closely its clients to search for the suitable profile for your open positions, to recruit, motivate, engage and develop human resources.

Relying on ORIZONT RECRUITING can make a difference and allow each client to:
  • Focus on its "core business" and on all the activities that can directly generate profits, freeing up resources and energy invested in other activities;
  • Qualify for a service with high quality standards (since it's provided by specialists) and at competitive costs by reducing the operating costs financial exposure.
  • Hiring qualified personnel, selected by experts in HR quickly and flexibly

Vision, Mission, Values



Building a new perspective in the job placement industry where "human resources" are understood as real valuable resources, potentially decisive for the survival and growth of enterprises. A wealth of skills and experience on which to invest and as important as any other business strategy.



ORIZONT RECRUITING's mission is “to select” quality based on performance, focusing on the implicit and explicit needs of the clients, turning them into requirements to be found in the most suitable candidates.


Our values are the essence of what we are. That is what makes us unique and different compared to other competitors. They are the essential element that guides our actions as we pursue our goals.


Two distinctive features that reflect the company values are:
  • Our attention to the client, our respect for the job industry, the dignity and security of a person, the efficiency, the market sensitivity and trends;
  • The ability to focus on the "essentials", on what distinguishes one individual from another, a professional qualification attitude, an expectation that is a fundamental requirement.

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